9-11 Widow dies in plane crash

Talk about ironic…wow. My wife was lucky to get me on a plane for our honeymoon after 9-11. We were flying to Vegas for her friends wedding when 9-11 happened. The only thing we knew was the pilot came on the PA and told us that the FAA had ordered every plane in the USA to land. The speculation ran from hijacking to nuclear attack but nothing came close to what we saw when we got off the plane. A 50″ TV with a live feed from CNN was showing the hell in New York and the replays of the planes striking the towers.

The utter incompetence of the public and private officials on that day have kept me away from flight and I can’t imagine what thoughts she had when she flew. Its truly sad.

clipped from abcnews.go.com

Beverly Eckert, Sept. 11 Widow, Died in Fiery Buffalo Flight 3407 Crash
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