Michael Phelps Bong Hit

This is total BS…The press rake him over the coals for a bong hit but he could make millions in a Bud Light commercial. I really wish they would legalize it already. Give me a joint vs. a six pack anyday. Give me all the 1000s of products which can be made from Hemp vs. the ruin which excessive alcohol brings.
clipped from www.cnn.com

Phelps admits ‘bad judgment’ after marijuana-pipe photo
  • Story Highlights
  • Michael Phelps “sorry” for acting “in a youthful and inappropriate way”
  • British newspaper publishes picture of Olympic champion smoking from a bong
  • Swimmer won a record eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics
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(CNN) — Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps admitted to “regrettable” behavior Sunday and vowed it wouldn’t happen again after a British newspaper published a photograph of the swimmer smoking from a bong.

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One Response to Michael Phelps Bong Hit

  1. coffee says:

    Phelps might have made alienated a few people with that pot-smoking picture, but i think he might have gained the support of another huge group of people to take their place

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