Dead Tivo

My Tivo (A DirecTV HDVR2) died a couple days ago.  The system hard drive just quit spinning and would make a loud buzzing sound when I tried to reboot the unit.  So,  I lost all the shows I had recorded and had to do some quick online research in order to get it running again.  The season finale of “Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles” was coming on at 8 p.m. and I had 2 hours to get my receiver up and running again.  A quick trip to google and I found the DVRUpgrade site.  I bought the PTVnet ISO and the InstantCake ISO.  The InstantCake ISO restores my Tivo system and the PTVnet ISO enabled the usb ports for networking and added some other network type software.  I had added a 160GB drive several years ago for extra storage so I used that to replace my dead 40GB system drive.  I followed the instructions on the DVRUpgrade site to prepare my hard drive and installed it in my Tivo.  It booted up without a hitch and within a few minutes I was watching live TV again.  YES!  The only part missing was my local channels but a quick call to DirecTV got them to ‘reset’ my package.  The reset triggered a message on screen for an update from the satellites and my locals were now showing up in my guide.  SWEET!  It was now 8:01 p.m. and I jumped over to Terminator and hit the record button.  Made it…:)

I plan on looking into a hardware raid type setup with ArcoIDE and a couple 250GB drives I have sitting around since it sucks to loose shows.


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