I have installed greasemonkey on my Firefox and I’m tinkering with a script for the Travian browser game that I play.  It seems pretty slick and I have some initial success after taking half a day to set everything up.


9 Responses to Greasemonkey

  1. DOC says:

    dude, you have a blog???????????????????????????


  2. mscbuff says:

    Yup. How did you find it? I guess the Internet isn’t as big as I thought…;)

  3. anonymous says:

    using a script in travian is illegal

  4. mscbuff says:

    The only thing my script does is simply reformat the information which Travian presents. It does not alter game play or ‘cheat’ in any way. The script is essentially a calculator which does a little math on attack reports and the like.

    Besides, its IMPOSSIBLE for Travian to detect it so no harm no foul…;)

  5. Death_In_Pa says:

    LMAO, nope the internet is shrinking………..

  6. GE Sensing

    Thank you for your post!


    Useful, thank you!

  8. Amy Cupar says:

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    Useful, thank you!


    Thank you for your post!

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