Dead Comcast

My Comcast connection went out Sunday night. They sent out a guy this morning and I find out I have -15db signal sitting at my cable modem which is really bad. The signal outside was just as bad and even after putting on new connectors it still didn’t improve. He got up on the pole and it was a nice and strong +17db so I need a new cable drop. I’m not sure why the cable has worked fine since 2003 and suddenly goes bad but oh well. They will be out to replace the RG-6 with RG-11 so that should fix it. Its the first real problem with it so I can’t really complain too much…well, except for the price. They have kept raising the speed (currently 6Mbps) but the price needs to come way down from its $60/month. I would take 1.5Mbps for $15/month and be satisfied.


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