GMT World

After the recent headaches with daylight savings time (DST) I converted most of our servers to GMT. I will probably convert the rest but the whole experience got me thinking…Why not use GMT for everything? Instead of 8 a.m EST and 8 a.m. Pacific being 3 hours apart you would simply have 1200 GMT in both places. The catch is the normal 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday would start at different GMT times so everybody is getting up with the sunrise. So, for example, Michigan is Eastern Standard Time which is GMT-4 (with DST) so their workday would begin at 1200 GMT and end at 2000 GMT. For Pacific Time in California (GMT-7) their workday would begin at 1500 GMT and end at 2300 GMT. Businesses would post their hours as 1400-2200 and you wouldn’t need any zone/time shifts to figure out if they were open. I admit that is doesn’t really have ANY hope of actually being done since most people couldn’t give up their 8-5 world for a 12-20 world but it was an interesting thought experiment.


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