Initial hurdles

The file server is put together except for the Coraid and the EZRaid. I tried booting with CentOS x86_64 v4.4 but it got stuck after the virtual ram system drive. I pulled 2 of the memory sticks and it now makes it to the starting install screen. There must be a pairing or timing issue with the DDR2 ram. I will tackle that after the sytem is running.

The next problem is it can’t detect the SATA drive during the AHCI driver load. The drive shows up fine in the bios but the install can’t detect it. The BIOS has a few different options for the SATA on-chip so I will try those on Monday. I did boot the system off Ubuntu 6.10 and it loaded fine. The on-board network jack cranked at 1Gb and the rest of the system seemed to work just as good.


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